Environmental Policy

Appendix 8: Environmental Policy

It is the objective of this Environmental Policy:

  • to ensure material compliance with environmental and operational permits and other environmental regulatory requirements;
  • to prevent incidents with environmental impacts; and
  • to ensure good environmental practices and continual improvement through environmental management systems in our plants.

VMS recognizes its responsibility for the environment and is fully committed to the sustainable development of the organization through the implementation of this Environmental Policy. The Environmental Policy is part of VMS’s sustainability strategy and supports the achievement of the sustainability long term targets.

Roles and responsibilities

Employee responsibilities

  • to conduct all business in line with this Environmental Policy;
  • to follow instructions and work in accordance with the information and training provided by VMS (e.g. on correct disposal or handling of chemicals); and
  • to report any hazards, equipment defects, or failings in the existing arrangements, to a responsible person (e.g. direct manager) at the first opportunity.

Management responsibilities

  • to ensure compliance of their functional and operational area of responsibility with this Environmental Policy;
  • to ensure sufficient resources to allow operation in accordance this Environmental Policy; and
  • To conduct management reviews which include the environmental KPIs, incidents, environmental regulatory requirements, environmental issues, effectiveness checks of their operation’s environmental management systems

Employee functions

  • to facilitate and drive implementation of group environmental practices and systems;
  • to create a sensitive and supporting relationship with local authorities and trade associations in consultation with management;
  • to conduct internal analyses, assessments and transfer of lessons learned;
  • to ensure the results of impacts and assessments are communicated to management; and
  • to take ownership for environmental topics.

Communication and training

VMS will communicate and make its Environmental Policy as well as its objectives internally and externally available. Engagement with relevant stakeholders should lead to active participation in achieving our sustainability targets. All employees of VMS must comply with the Environmental Policy. VMS will provide the education and training to ensure adherence to environmental requirements in all aspects of work and business according to each employee’s responsibilities. VMS will communicate its environmental targets and environmental performance to employees and external stakeholders by publishing a biannual sustainability report.

Environmental management

VMS will comply with all relevant international, national and local regulations relating to environmental matters as well as with internal environmental demands (e.g. arising from VMS’s environmental control standards).

Environmental practices

Environmental management is fundamental to our business performance. An established philosophy of continual improvement supports the implementation and maintenance of environmental management systems at all our locations.

Environmental incidents must be reported to the CEO in accordance with the Environmental Incident Reporting procedure. All such reports will be investigated depending on their severity as set out in the procedure, including a root cause assessment and definition of corrective actions.


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